Finding clarity: On becoming vegetarian (Initial thoughts >15 months)

I never had much of an interest in becoming a vegetarian. I really, really liked eating meat. As a teen and college student, in a moment of inspiration, I tried a couple times on sheer willpower – and as a result, failed after a day or two of keeping it up.

A spiritual friend I respect deeply suggested: You will attain clarity if you give up meat.
And he added: Meat gives off a disgusting gas when you eat it that makes you fat and gross.

It was a perfect combo of statements. A new intrigue and new repulsion to add to my daily encounter with meat. After a one-month taper off meat, I haven’t eaten it ever since.

Did I attain clarity? Well, yes.

It’s pretty simple. I now see that the meat I’ve salivated over is – an animal’s leg. Now when I see prosciutto, bacon, or filet mignon I have the odd sense of it still smelling delicious, and yet conceptually and repulsively I SEE a pig’s butt.

Put another way: it’s like looking at a piece of shit, and remembering that it once tasted like prosciutto to you.

My conscience no longer suppresses that I am eating the ass of a being. A being that was running around, being cute or grazing – and thus, I have clarity. Because other things have become un-suppressed, too.

(And I have no interest in making meat-eaters wrong – only interested in sharing this unique perspective, which I’ve never heard other vegetarians share. Perhaps they are out there. I’d appreciate an intro.)

To be continued.

About Minda Aguhob, M.Ed.

Minda Aguhob has always been passionate about the effective use of technology, advocacy, and rigorous research to develop innovative processes that improve performance. Based in San Francisco, California, Minda is leading Peakfoqus ( a company that's designing digital health solutions rooted in research and advocacy.
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