About the live Marina Abramovicz exhibit at MOMA 5/31/10

Back in May of 2010, I went to go see some crazy artist at MOMA. She had been sitting in the large atrium there every day under bright lights, seven hours at a time, for months. Performance art. Seemed silly and yet fascinating – I went the last day since several friends had recommended it. Here’s an official description:

(From New York Times) At 5 p.m. Monday one of the longest pieces of performance art on record, and certainly the one with the largest audience, comes to an end. Since her retrospective opened at the Museum of Modern Art on March 14, the artist Marina Abramovic has been sitting, six days a week, seven hours a day in a plain chair, under bright klieg lights, in MoMA’s towering atrium. When she leaves that chair Monday for the last time, she will have clocked 700 hours of sitting.

One word: Why did you wait in line for Marina Abramovic at MoMA? I asked this of 20+ different “sitters” (apparently, some people were obsessed enough with her to wait on those lines, and sometimes for multiple days) on the last day of the exhibit. Three of these people threw up, stripped naked, and threw paper filled with rambling lines from the balcony of the atrium. Suffice it to say it was a long, but interesting, day. So here we go (these later went up on my twitter, @nerdfox):

“Buzz. Appreciation. Mother. Commitment.* Dedication.”
-5 repeat sitters (*woman w.skeleton suit) at final day of Marina Abramovic at MoMA

“Thank you.” for sharing herself, and for bringing us together, face to face, in this tech age. -Art history student

“Community.” Amazing how many people came together here. She’s a blank slate. People project themselves on her.
-Doctoral student

“Truth.” I came here because she is not afraid of truth, of being who she is.
-Doc filmmaker

“Respect.” She demonstrates such commitment. As a painter, this inspires me. I am paying my respects.

“Submission.” I felt like I didn’t have a body anymore. There was a membrane of energy between us.
-Dayna Moses

“Momentous.” Because this is a rare thing, that one would sit with someone, a stranger, communicating only with your eyes. With no distractions, your only focus is the other person.

My initial thoughts:
Marina at moma. This chick just got naked in front of her, and now a chick is tearing up. IMO it’s the crazy line people wait in all night!

Midway through:
Squeezed bw 2 nudes get to another room. There were kids in the room and it seemed to be no big thing.

Final words:
It sounds ludicrous. But when you are physically there at the exhibit, the energy of the community she formed there is transcendent.

It was so touching to see I knew the people so intimately but never spoke word with them. -Marina Abramovic

About Minda Aguhob, M.Ed.

Minda Aguhob has always been passionate about the effective use of technology, advocacy, and rigorous research to develop innovative processes that improve performance. Based in San Francisco, California, Minda is leading Peakfoqus (http://peakfoqus.com) a company that's designing digital health solutions rooted in research and advocacy.
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